Oct 262017

VIS information can be found on their website which includes campaign information, donation opportunities, and contact information.



Mailing Address

Volunteers for Issaquah Schools
P.O. Box 1401
Issaquah, WA 98027

Sep 202017

Wondering what VIS and the Fall 2017 Levy Campaign is about?

Here is a helpful FAQ* to get you started: PNG | PDF.

If you have more questions, contact Dawn Peschek or Alicia Veevaert at dawn@visvote.org • alicia@visvote.org.

*Updated 26 October 2017


May 252017


The purpose of the ISD Levy Development Committee is to advise the Superintendent as he prepares a recommendation for the school board to approve levy issues for the 2018 ballot. The Committee is made up of 44 representatives from each of our Schools, Principals, Senior/Retired Community, PTSA Council, Certificated Staff Rep, Classified Staff Rep, and Community Members at Large. There are 3 proposed levies – Transportation, Capital Levy (Technology & Critical Repairs) and the M&O (Maintenance and Operations Levy).

Click here for Transportation Levy and May 3rd meeting details.
Click here to read the Capital Levy Priority 1 and Priority 2 proposals and May 17th meeting details.

The next meeting of the committee is May 31st.

*The May Agenda Notes have been updated to include this information for future reference.

May 122016

Reminder: Please bring any signs left over from Honk & Waves (save only the ones without the April 26 date) to the council meeting and the stakes too please. We will use these again for future campaigns.

Thank you!


Apr 272016

Hellooooooo Everyone! And a Good Morning it is!

We did it! YOU did it!
Thank you ALL for your outstanding work – posting information each week in your newsletters, Enews and Newsletters, Honking & Waving, Dropping Lit drop pieces on Doorsteps, inviting School Board Members and ISD staff to your PTA and community meetings to speak about bond facts, answering questions, and talking about what this bond would do for our community, getting the word out …it all came together last night at8:19pm when the 2016 Bond was APPROVED! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!
Thank you ALL so much for all you have done during the campaign – this is truly a community effort – and you can thank yourselves for getting this bond passed!  It happened because of ALL of our work together. And we did it!
I have attached the graphic of that screen shot from the King County Elections page last night that they posted (at the very bottom of this email). The Election Results will be tallied each day as more ballots come in from the past several days and then the final results will be verified. To keep an eye on the results each day visit the King County Elections webpage here:  http://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/elections/results/2016/201604.aspx
I have attached a THANK YOU JPG image that you can post on your Facebook, Enews, Newsletter!
Thank you Thank you Thank you for all of your support – your efforts are truly appreciated by our entire VIS Board & Steering Committee!
-Dawn Peschek & Alicia Veevaert
VIS Campaign Co-Chairs

April 26 Special Election

Updated after 8:15 pm election night and most weekdays by4:30 pm until certification on May 6.

Issaquah School District No. 411 Proposition No. 1

70.32% – 13109 votes
29.68% – 5533 votes

Apr 252016

VIS Representatives,

Thank you everyone for your support of the bond and Honk and Wave.

Tomorrow we have the last push of reminding voters to vote!

Thank you for all who have rallied the troops to get out and participate in Honk and Wave

Please save the signs that don’t have the date to vote on them!

We will reuse them in our next campaign!

We will be collecting them at our next our PTSA Council meeting which is May 12th from 9:15-12:30pm at Pickering Barn in Issaquah.

If you can’t drop them off, then please give them to your PTA President who can bring them to the PTSA Council meeting.

Let me know if you have any questions or I can be of help!

Thank you again!


Jody Mull

Honk and Wave Chair

Apr 242016

Hi PTA Presidents, VIS Reps, Communication Directors and VIS Supporters,

This is it! 2 days! This is the final push to get ballots in and Yes Votes by Tuesday! Yay! Thank you all so much for your help getting this info out! 🙂
*******Reminder****** You are ALL Invited to a VIS Election Night Party this Tuesday, April 26th 7-9pm
Hosts: Volunteers for Issaquah Schools
Where: email Alicia for address.
When: 7-9pm (arrive anytime after 6:30, ballot results posted at 8:15pm)
Please join us! Any questions email Alicia at alicia@visvote.org
Please see below for final Ballot Return messaging info and a JPG image of a graphic to share or post asap.
Please post on Facebook and send out on your Enews Monday or Tuesday morning!
Please communicate to your parents, neighbors and community members  how important it is to get their ballots returned by THIS TUESDAY and to VOTE YES for this bond measure.  Issaquah has passed its bonds and levies for the past several years, so some people may feel like their 1 vote won’t matter… please tell them the bond needs a supermajority (60% + 1) approval to pass – SO EVERY YES VOTE matters and makes a difference!
Final Honk & Wave is tomorrowMonday April 25th AM&PM. This is our final community wide effort to remind EVERYONE to VOTE YES and get their ballots in. Please bring your friends and kids for this last community effort to remind people to vote!  Here is the sign up genius link:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c084eabae2aa0f94-2016/
All LIT Drop pieces should be out by today – Sunday April 24th. Please recycle any extras. Thank you all so much for your help getting this info out to our community!
Missing your ballot? Click on the link below for a replacement!  If you have a printer you can mark and print your replacement ballot easily online! 
Apr 242016

There will be no phone bank tonight at the KCLS service center. After much discussion and in consideration of our volunteers we decided to record a new robocall targeted for people who have not returned their ballots (as of Friday). We recorded it Friday night (with 4 students) and that robocall will go out this afternoon.

Please save your energy and rest up for our final Honk & Waves tomorrow – Woo Hoo! Thank you for your support!

We will be sending out the final .jpg graphic and messaging tonight or early tomorrow on a separate email for a final push to get the ballots in.

Thank you again for ALL of your help to reach our community and get those YES VOTES!

-Dawn Peschek & Alicia Veevaert
Volunteers for Issaquah Schools

Apr 182016

Hi PTA Presidents, VIS Reps, Communication Directors and VIS Supporters,

Hope you all had a nice Spring Break!
Can you believe it…only 8 days until all ballots are due! WOO HOO!  Almost there! This is the info to get out this week – please return your ballot! Many people in our school communities were on vacation last week so we need to make a huge effort to remind everyone to please VOTE YES and return their ballots asap this week! Thank you!
Please see below for Ballot Return messaging info and a JPG image of a graphic to share or post this week.
Final Honk & Wave is next Monday April 25th AM&PM – to remind people to vote by the deadline Tuesday April 26th. There are AM and PM times, please bring your friends and kids for this last community effort to remind people to vote! Contact Jody Mull if you have any questions at jodymull@comcast.net
All LIT Drop pieces need to be dropped on doorsteps by next Sunday 4/24 please! – if you still have some of your Lit drop pieces – now is the time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and get those final pieces dropped off on doorsteps! Thank you all so much for your help! Contact Lida Buckner if you have any questions at lidaj@comcast.net
**NEW Volunteer Opportunity!***   Phone Bank:  We need volunteers (parents, community members, middle & high school students) to help make phone calls to remind people to turn in their ballots on Sunday, April 24th at the King County Library Service Center – anytime from 5-8pm. A script will be provided, you can leave a message on their answering machine. Volunteers will need to use their own cell phones to make these calls. Please contact Alicia or Dawn at alicia@visvote.org or dawn@visvote.org if you can help any amount of time.
Please communicate to your parents, neighbors and community members  how important it is to get their ballots returned this week and to Vote YES for this bond measure.  Issaquah has passed its bonds and levies for the past several years, so some people may feel like this bond will pass even without their vote. This bond needs a supermajority (60% + 1) approval to pass – so every YES VOTE matters and makes a difference!
Returning your ballot by mail or to a ballot drop off location. We need a 60% Yes Vote to pass this bond, so every vote counts! 
By mail – put a first-class stamp on your ballot and mail it back. Your ballot must be postmarked by next Tuesday, April 26th. Please don’t wait until the last minute!
Ballot drop off locations: Return your ballot to a ballot drop off location, no stamp required. Your ballot must be returned to a ballot drop off location by 8pm on April 26th.
1. The Issaquah Police Dept has a drop box right out front 24 hours a day.
2. Sammamish City Hall will have a drop off van on April 23rd 10-5pm; April 25 10-5pm; Election Day April 26 10-8pm
For more information visit the King County Elections website at: http://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/elections.aspx
Apr 112016
Happy Spring Break!
Thank you all so much for your great work on our 1st Honk & Wave last Thursday! It was so fun posting some great photos from parents, kids, community members and teachers around our district reminding our community how important the bond is and to please VOTE YES! Thank you Thank you Thank you so much for your support!
1.  As you know, last week was a huge push to “Vote before the Break” – thank you again for your help getting that information out to your communities. We are really feeling positive that people listened and hopefully made an effort to get those ballots off the kitchen counter and into the mail before heading out of town.
2. Spring Break week has started and some of you may be out enjoying some well deserved R&R (woo-hoo!). If you happen to be in town or are planning a Facebook post, enews, or any communication to your school community this week- please remind everyone to Please Vote Yes by April 26th! Ballots can be mailed or dropped off at a Ballot Box (ther is one located at the Issaquah Police Station). We need a 60% YES VOTE to pass this bond, so Every vote counts! Every single vote matters!
3. We have heard that some people around our district are receiving an “amended” postcard from King County letting them know that their taxes aren’t due until May 2nd (because the regular due date of April 30th falling on the weekend). For some reason, unknown to us, King County decided to include a line which states the percentage of their property tax for school levies. Not sure why King County included this information now, since it wasn’t itemized on the original postcards sent in February. We will give you more information next week if we learn more.
4. And now, to end with some fun….please take a photo from wherever you may be this week with your Vote Yes wristband, window cling, or just write Vote Yes! on a sheet of paper, napkin, etc. and email to shellycoug@aol.com . Shelly will post it on the VIS facebook page…and/or post it on your own page, or your PTA’s page. This is a fun way to remind our friends and community that April 26th is coming soon and to please Vote YES!
You have all done such a great job helping promote the bond and we so appreciate your help get this bond passed for our community.
Have a great Spring Break and we will send you an update next Monday 4/18 with information for your school communities!
Thank you again so much and have a great week!