Apr 192017

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Election Slate – Revised
May Luncheon Invitation


LOCATION REMINDER – This month we are in the Eagle Room at the Issaquah Police Station on Sunset.

Outreach Donation Ask for Council meeting:  Small monetary donation (see Outreach Notes below for more information).


Budget Reminder: This is the time to get your 2017-2018 budget committee together and work on your budget for next year. Survey your program chairs and officers to see if they need/want adjustments to their budgets. Council Dues and fees should likely stay the same.  Your interim budget must be approved by your General Membership before the end of the school year. Let Laila know if you need any help.




5th Leg. District
Sen. Mark Mullet – Mark.Mullet@leg.wa.gov
Rep. Paul Graves – PaulGraves@leg.wa.gov
Rep. Jay Rodne – JayRodne@leg.wa.gov
41st Leg. District
Sen. Lisa Wellman – Lisa.Wellman@leg.wa.gov
Rep. Judy Clibborn – JudyClibborn@leg.wa.gov
Rep. Tana Senn – Tana.Senn@leg.wa.gov
Thank you again for your dedication! 😊


Kiln upkeep is NOT an action item, just an FYI.
Looking for a Conference Manager for next fall.


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State of Mind Conferences. Flyers: JPG | PDF

 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.





Washington State PTA Membership Leadership Guide



Outreach Notes – This page is kept current as needs or programs change.

This month’s Outreach Ask for Council meeting:    

Please consider a small monetary donation to support two schools who do not have PTAs/PTSAs to support their Staff Appreciation events.  Each year the Council provides a Staff Appreciation event for Echo Glen (the school at Youth Detention Facility in Snoqualmie) and the Academy for Community Transition (ISD program for 18-21 year-olds with qualifying disabilities).  It is incredibly difficult to collect food donations for this purpose across the district.  Funds collected will be used to supplement the small budget provided for these events.  Thank you!


FREE SAT practice exam at the Issaquah Library on May 20th. FLYER.

PARENTWISER (formerly Parent Education)

Presidents – the following communications for ParentWiser went out to your Parent Ed Reps and Communication Chairs on April 6th.

Please ensure these get updated in your school ENews, we are still seeing most schools running the March info, which is outdated.  Note the location change to the Debrief book Discussion from IMS Library to Swedish Issaquah’s Café 1910. Revised flyers are also attached.

2)      Still seeking volunteers to help at both 10am and 7pm events on April 25thSignup here!


For Enews:

ParentWiser asks…

What do YOU do when your child makes mistakes or fails?

How you answer this question can change your relationship with your child and your child’s motivation and resilience. Join us for an exciting series of events this April as we host the NY Times bestselling author Jessica Lahey and her book: The Gift Of Failure. What to do next:


1. Read the Book: Get your copy of The Gift of Failure ASAP so you can read it over spring break. Issaquah Barnes & Noble has copies waiting for you.


2. Don’t miss Jessica Lahey’s talk: REGISTER to join us at 10am or 7pm on April 25th to hear Ms. Lahey’s potentially life-changing message. You will not want to miss it! (ALMOST SOLD OUT .Walk-ins welcome if space available.)


3. Debrief Discussion: Join us on May 22nd  at 7pm in the IMS Library Swedish Issaquah Café 1910 to debrief your key takeaways from the book and/or her talk. See you then!


ParentWiser’s district-wide parent ed in an ongoing success this year!  Thank you for your continued support!

  1. For 2017-18, please continue your budget for at least $250 Council fees for ParentWiser/Parent Ed (same as current year).
  2. Keep a Parent Ed Rep on your committee reports.  The Parent Ed Rep is your liaison between your specific school community and ParentWiser.  We rely on the input and volunteer help of parent ed reps at each school to run our speaker program.

Here is our recommended job description for Parent Ed Rep at your local PTSA:

  • Advertize all parent ed offerings forwarded to you by Parentwiser (Issaquah PTSA Council) at your school via flyers, school ENews, PTSA news, and any social media accounts linked to your school and/or PTSA), approx monthly
  • Use FEDEX PTSA discount code for printed materials:  052 088 2103
  • Attend quarterly ParentWiser committee meetings to provide input/planning for future speakers/events.
  • Act as liaison between your local school community and ParentWiser at the district level
  • Volunteer to assist at least 1 ParentWiser event per year, SignupGenius for pre/post-event volunteer needs go out 1-2 weeks prior to each event.
  • Organize/host any additional local speaker(s) at your school community, if desired by your PTSA.
  1. If open to other parents in the district, please forward details at least 3 weeks prior to parentwiser@issaquahptsa.org
  2. For suggestions for local speakers/topics, contact parentwiser@issaquahptsa.org
  3. Turn-in receipts/expenses to your local PTSA unit for reimbursement
  • Encourage your school community to attend parent ed events or watch online at http://ParentWiser.org
  • ParentWiser parent education is FREE for Issaquah School District PTSA members only, non-members pay $. Encourage your PTSA membership with this tangible benefit!
  1. Below are the communications for March events.  This was sent to presidents, parent ed reps, and communications chairs on March 6th.  Please ensure they are advertized at your school.


For ENews:

ParentWiser presents…


April 25th The Gift of Failure: Fostering Intrinsic Motivation and Resilience in Kids by national keynote and author, Jessica Lahey, motivational talk and book signing at 10am or 7pm!  In today’s culture, do we coddle our kids enough?  Too much?  Jessica Lahey summarizes the current research on autonomy-supportive parenting and teaching, competence, rewards, praise, and failure, and gives us advice on how to allow students to succeed over the long term.  Join our community book read of Gift of Failure to prepare for a cultural change!  For parents of K-12. FLYER.

New – WATCH ONLINE!  Did you miss Amy Lang’s talk on Birds+Bees+Kids?  That event, plus 28 additional high caliber online parent ed talks from NextGenEd,  are now available on ParentWiser.org/watch-online! With a click, enjoy parent ed on a variety of current topics from the convenience of your home, anytime.  Audio downloads are included to listen on-the-go.  ParentWiser is thrilled to offer these FREE with your PTSA membership to any Issaquah district school.  Enjoy!

ParentWiser Logo.


ICYMI:  State Winners






Call for Levy Committee Community Members

Every four years, the Issaquah School District asks local voters to approve levies to pay for educational essentials that the state does not fund, including school buses, classroom technology, and about 20 percent of the operations budget. Because our current levies expire next year, the District is forming a community committee now to help plan the renewal levy measures. If you are interested in representing the community at large on the committee, please contact Lisa White (425-837-7024) for an application. Committee members will consider the overall need, proposed content, total cost, and tax impacts of the ballot measures and present a final recommendation to the Superintendent. The commitment is several Wednesday evening meetings in May and June. 




WSPTA Convention April 27-30, 2017 SeaTac Hilton