Dec 192017

Hello to my fellow PTSA Council Members!

I wanted to give you a follow up on what is going on with the ISD Levy and VIS since we aren’t meeting this month.

After the Levy Committee completed their review and recommendation to the Superintendent back in the Spring 2017, the Washington State Legislature passed HB 2242 – funding basic education. This resulted in some funding uncertainty, but ultimately a positive outlook for what our state and local dollars can provide our students and Issaquah School District committee.

The Issaquah School District and School Board has put together a final ballot measure to go before the voters on Feb. 13th, 2018:

  • Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Renewal Levy (2 years)
  • Technology and Critical Repairs Capital Renewal Levy (4 years)
  • School Bus Renewal Levy (1 year)

The primary changes from what the committee reviewed last spring, is to reduce the EP&O Levy renewal from 4 years at full $1.50/$1,000 authority to 2 years at $1.13/$1,000 (in 2019) and $1.33/$1,000 (in 2020). At which time ISD will reassess what levy dollars will be needed to continue funding programs and will run another replacement EP&O levy.

Click here to see what these 3 renewal levies fund and why it is so important for all 3 levies to be approved:

The Issaquah PTSA Council has traditionally always been a strong supporter of our ISD bonds and levies, since we see each day how bonds and levies directly benefit all of our schools, teachers and students. As Issaquah PTSA Council Board members, VIS would appreciate if you would:

  • Personally endorse the (3) replacement levies here on the VIS website  (Endorse Here)
  • Make a motion to endorse the (3) renewal levies as a PTSA Council Board at our next meeting
  • Help share this information and encourage others to Vote Yes!
  • Request a speaker to present Levy information to a community group to which you belong
  • Donate to the “Yes for Issaquah Schools Feb 2018” campaign here:
  • “Like” us on VIS Facebook
  • Volunteer at a Local Honk & Wave event – Sign Up Here:

You can endorse, donate, like, volunteer, or request info at

SAVE THE DATE!  You’re invited to a Community Information Night Event on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 7:00-8:30pm at the Issaquah Swedish Hospital Conference Rooms. Please invite and share this with anyone who may have questions about the Levy and would like to learn more information about these 3 ballot measures.  The Superintendent, School Board members and VIS will be on hand to answer questions all evening!

**One more thing to note, VIS has prepared a district approved “PDC Guidelines for PTAs” which we have sent out to all of our PTA Presidents to help with questions of what you can email out, have on websites, etc. It is linked on the Council website under VIS and also on the VIS website here:

If you or others you know have questions about any of the replacement levy measures, please contact us at VIS  or ISD at

Visit the ISD website with levy information and tax impact facts:

Thank you for your support!

Dawn Peschek
Issaquah PTSA Council VIS Chair
Volunteers for Issaquah Schools (VIS) Campaign Co-Chair