Important Dates/Forms for Treasurers:

Reminder – Council will not be collecting State Membership Fees.  All Membership Fees now go directly to State!

DUE Date Task More Information
10/31/2017 The following fees due to Council Treasurer: All on one form!*

  • Council Assessment Fee
  • SurveyMonkey Fee
  • Parent Ed remittance
  • Academy for Community Transition (ACT)
Form:  2017-2018 Council Fees Submission Form
11/10/2017 Insurance payment due to AIM AIM:  800-876-4044
11/15/2017 Form 990/990EZ/990-N (e-postard) due to IRS WSPTA, 800-562-3804
12/1/2017 Proof of Insurance Forms DUE to Treasury
5/25/2018 NEXT YEAR Facility Requests for ISD DUE to ISD
(Facility Scheduling Website)
ISD Facility Request Form
5/31/2018 Charitable Solicitations Renewal due to Secretary of State*** WSPTA, 800-562-3804
  • *    May be combined on one check
  • ***AUTOMATIC extension until 5/31/18 WITHOUT penalty – may file and pay sooner.


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