Jun 062017

Meeting Documents (Agenda, Minutes, etc)


Instead of a normal OUTREACH ASK for this month’s Council meeting we ask that you help spread the word about  Tools 4 School CLASS PACKS from Apperson. 

Each year, Tools 4 School provides up to 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies for Issaquah School District students in need. This year, donors can fill a backpack for $25 ! Class packs are filled with basic school supplies from the Foundation list, and Apperson will deliver all donated packs directly to the Tools 4 School event.  Donate now at www.isfdn.org/tools4school/classpacks






5th Leg. District
Sen. Mark Mullet – Mark.Mullet@leg.wa.gov
Rep. Paul Graves – PaulGraves@leg.wa.gov
Rep. Jay Rodne – JayRodne@leg.wa.gov
41st Leg. District
Sen. Lisa Wellman – Lisa.Wellman@leg.wa.gov
Rep. Judy Clibborn – JudyClibborn@leg.wa.gov
Rep. Tana Senn – Tana.Senn@leg.wa.gov
Thank you again for your dedication! 😊




Best Practices Checklist

Council Transition Checklist

FACE/Family And Community Engagement

District Family Partnership page:  https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/family/cultural-and-family-partnerships


Link to each flyer:

English:  https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/docs/default-source/district/translations/english/final—english-june-2017.pdf?sfvrsn=4

Chinese:  https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/docs/default-source/district/translations/chinese/june-9-fwn-flier—chinese.pdf?sfvrsn=2

Korean: https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/docs/default-source/district/translations/korean/june-9-fwn-flier—korean.pdf?sfvrsn=2

Russian:  https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/docs/default-source/district/translations/russian/june-9-fwn-flier—russian.pdf?sfvrsn=2

Spanish:  https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/docs/default-source/district/translations/spanish/june-9-fwn-flier—spanish.pdf?sfvrsn=2

Telugu:  https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/docs/default-source/district/translations/telugu/june-9-fwn-flier—telugu.pdf?sfvrsn=2

Vietnamese:   https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/docs/default-source/district/translations/vietnamese/june-9-fwn-flier—vietnamese.pdf?sfvrsn=2




Issaquah Schools Foundation Agenda Notes – June 2017


Washington State PTA Membership Leadership Guide



Outreach Notes – This page is kept current as needs or programs change.

Tools 4 School Class Packs link is now available through July 15th. Flyer. Donate.


PARENTWISER (formerly Parent Education)

 Agenda Notes – ParentWiser

Thank you for supporting this highly successful initial year of district-wide ParentWiser speaker series!  Over 2000 parents attended our 11 ParentWiser hosted events, and over 860 parents currently subscribe to ParentWiser for monthly enews, and access to online parenting talks on our website. Thank you for helping us get the word out!

1. Parent Ed Rep on your local PTSA.  Please keep a parent ed rep on your PTA/PTSA roster as the voice for parent ed at your school, and encourage them to participate in ParentWiser events as volunteers and idea generators.  They can also contact us for local speaker suggestions to draw attendance to your General Membership Meetings.

2. Back-to-School PTSA Check-In.  When creating your online membership/registration for back-to-school check-in, please add the following question/field, and then send your list of emails accumulated by September to parentwiser@issaquahptsa.org :

“Add me to the monthly ParentWiser email distribution to learn about district-wide parent ed events                  (enter email here)               “

3.  ENEWS announcement for June.  (This was also sent directly to all parent ed reps and communication chairs.)


(For ENEWS):

ParentWiser announces…

The Gift of Failure” talk by Jessica Lahey is now available ONLINE!  Register for a password, and please do not share the link outside the Issaquah School District. Access additional parent ed conferences over the summer

…because parenting continues after school’s out!



ParentWiser Logo.




Please be sure to recruit for a Special Education Representative for your school!  

There are only a few Special Ed Reps at the schools listed below. This position is an important part of the PTSA as about 10% of Issaquah’s students are on are an IEP and receive special services support. We want to make sure these families have a voice and ensure that all PTA activities have accommodations to make families feel like they are part of the community. 

Schools WITH Special Ed Reps: 

  • Apollo Elementary 

  • Briarwood Elementary 

  • Cougar Ridge Elementary 

  • Creekside Elementary 

  • Grand Ridge Elementary 

  • Issaquah High School 

  • Maple Hills Elementary 

 If your school is NOT listed, please recruit a school liaison!  

Below is a job description to use to recruit. We will be creating a checklist and job handbook over the summer and help your new Special Ed Rep get started. The person who takes on the role can really make the job what they want and adjust to what your individual school’s needs. 

Please reach out to Carrie Hipsher (special-ed@issaquahptsa.org) if you have questions and to let me know the name of your new Special Education Rep! 

PTSA Special Education Representative Job Description: 

  • Actively publicize the role of Special Education Rep so families know of the position and who to contact if they need help or have questions.  

  • Work with your school PTSA to help them adapt events and activities to be more inclusive for students with special needs and their families. 

  • Help connect students and their families with available school and community resources. 

  • Be a good listener and help families understand Issaquah’s special education process. 

  • Advertise Issaquah PTSA Council Special Education events and communication, as well as relevant updates from the school district. 

  • If on social media, join the Issaquah Special Education PTSA Committee Facebook Group, encourage families to join, and help answer questions and share your experience as you feel comfortable. 

  • Attend, at least quarterly, Issaquah Special Education PTSA Committee meetings and/or trainings, and share best practices and learnings. 

  • Ideally, the Special Education Rep will have a child with an IEP or 504 so they already have a basic understanding of laws and process, but anyone with the passion and the heart to be an advocate is welcome! 


OPTIONAL: You may choose to add any of the following if they are relevant to your PTSA. 

  • Attend (your school name) PTSA Meetings. If unable to attend a meeting, share a written report and/or keep the PTSA Board updated on the status of what you are doing. 

  • Attend at least one WSPTA approved training course per year (if this position is on your board) and pursue adequate training to perform the duties of the position.




The Issaquah School District Levy Committee met for the 3rd time on May 31st. The district shared information about the Capital Levy which included details on what Technology items and upgrades are proposed as part of the 2018 Levy package. There was also a discussion about adding lighting to the Maywood Middle School Field. The committee voted unanimously to approve the Capital levy and the addition of lights for the Maywood field. The district will need to research if the lights will be added in the future, including working with King County for permitting. More information to come on that item in the future.
The committee went over the entire 3 part total package – M&O Levy rates, Transportation and Technology (Capital) Levy and approved the entire package as a whole. The information now goes back to Superintendent Ron Thiele, who will present the final package to the school board for final approval to run a Levy in 2018.  Click here for more information and details of the meetings, including handout materials and meeting minutes: https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/district/levy-development-committee-2018
If you are interested in helping with VIS (Volunteers for Issaquah Schools) on the Levy campaign, please contact Dawn or Alicia at dawn@visvote.org or alicia@visvote.org. It is a great way to work with volunteers all over our community!


There is still time to do a member survey.