2017-2018 Issaquah PTSA Council Board of Directors


Elected Officers

Co-President Becky Gordon president@issaquahptsa.org
Co-President Leslie Kahler president@issaquahptsa.org
Vice President of Elementary Schools, South Korista Smith-Barney vp-el-south@issaquahptsa.org
Vice President of Elementary Schools, Central Wendy Shah vp-el-central@issaquahptsa.org
Vice President of Elementary Schools, North Ina Ghangurde vp-el-north@issaquahptsa.org
Vice President of Middle Schools Laila Collins vp-middle@issaquahptsa.org
Vice President of High Schools Ina Ghangurde vp-high@issaquahptsa.org
Treasurer Erin Eaton treasurer@issaquahptsa.org
Secretary Erin Thacker secretary@issaquahptsa.org

Board of Directors

Advocacy/Legislation Chair OPEN advocacy@issaquahptsa.org
Art Docent Juliette Ripley-Dunkelbeger
Laurelle Graves
Reflections Leah Gibson reflections@issaquahptsa.org
Issaquah Schools Foundation Liaison Valerie Yanni isf-rep@issaquahptsa.org
Family & Community Engagement Ina Ghangurde face@issaquahptsa.org
Outreach Kim Weiss outreach@issaquahptsa.org
Parentwiser (Parent Ed) Heidi Fuhs
Debbie Steinberg-Kuntz
(Special Education. Team Building. Advocacy. Resources.)
Carrie Hipsher special-ed@issaquahptsa.org
VIS Representatives/Liaisons Dawn Peschek vis-rep@issaquahptsa.org
Membership OPEN membership@issaquahptsa.org
Council Healthy Youth Program Liaison Andie Adee HealthyYouth@issaquahptsa.org
Website & Directory Cindy Kelm webmaster@issaquahptsa.org

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