Recognized Organizations


2013-2014 Recognized Organizations

The Issaquah PTSA Council recognizes certain groups and/or organizations whose purposes and missions align with ours. These groups may have a voice at PTSA Council Board or General Membership meetings at the Board of Directors’ discretion.

  • The groups that Council recognizes are and will remain separate operating entities from Issaquah PTSA Council.
  • Use of a PTA/PTSA unit and/or member name is not permitted by any outside organization.
  • Facility reservation and rentals by these groups for their operations, events or meetings will be handled by these groups on their own, not through Council or its member PTA/PTSAs.
  • If any organization wants to contact Issaquah PTA/PTSA local units as a complete or partial group, they must work through the Council President or his or her designees. (e.g., Council Parent Ed Chair, Council Advocacy/Legislative Chair, Council PTSA-ISF Liaison).
May have a standing liaison at Council: Voice1  Do not have a standing liaison at Council: Voice2
      • VOICE 1:  Two-way communication is ongoing. Voice permission granted from both perspectives.
      • VOICE 2:  As issues arise, may have Voice at Council at Board’s discretion.


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